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To wisdom of memorable songs, Sting’s musical ‘The Last Ship’ adds mystery of grace

Jun 28, 2014 – 1:14 pm
The Last Ship, Sting's new musical, at Broadway in Chicago

Review: It’s not often that a composer introduces his first Broadway-bound musical at the age of 64, but then Sting is the sort of artist who never stops spreading his wings. The great rock singer-songwriter has picked up collaborators from his work in film and television and he has even suffered the prolonged torture of a Disney animated movie that morphed so completely his songs were largely cut. Who better to tackle the cut-throat business of the Broadway musical?★★★★

In ‘Starcatcher’ romp, goofy pirate lends a hand and Peter (Pan) learns no man is an isth-s-mus

Apr 7, 2014 – 10:08 am
A bit of rope defines tight quarters for Molly (Megan Stern), her nanny (Benjamin Schrader) and Alf (Harter Clingman). (Jenny Anderson)

Review: Despite the exuberant ridiculousness of “Peter and the Starcatcher” — a show that channels Groucho Marx and Gilbert & Sullivan and Monty Python as it traces the backstory of the boy who became Peter Pan — you will turn misty at the end. To be an adult at Broadway in Chicago’s Peter Pan “prequel” is to be pricked with the realization that, for just about everybody in the world except Peter, and maybe Equity actors, one’s youth relentlessly fades. ★★★★