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Sophocles with an absurdist suffix: Sideshow makes its doubly daring case for ‘Antigonick’

Mar 15, 2015 – 7:15 pm
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Review: It is a breathtaking coup de théâtre, Sideshow Theatre’s time-altering, mind-bending double take on Anne Carson’s bizarre translation of Sophocles’ classic Greek tragedy “Antigone.” Carson’s free-wheeling spin on the original tosses in anachronistic references along with a sly, straight-faced component of utter nonsense that dares the audience to buy it or even comprehend it. And as if that were not enough, director Jonathan L. Green further flummoxes expectations by reassigning roles across gender. Not once, but twice. ★★★★

Griffin Theatre’s ‘Golden Boy’ traces a fighter’s tragic search in rings of destruction

Mar 13, 2014 – 11:16 pm
As his trainer (Jason Lindner, left) and father (Norm Woodel, center rear) look on, Joe (Nate Santana) gets a pep talk from Eddie (David Prete). (Michael Brosilow)

Review: Meet boxer Joe Bonaparte: smart kid, tough, determined, wickedly fast hands. And one more thing, self-destructive. You could say Joe, the anti-hero of Clifford Odets’ classic 1937 play “Golden Boy,” launches his own career, hurtles himself into a high orbit. The beauty, if that’s the word, of Nate Santana’s portrayal of this increasingly ugly character, in Griffin Theatre’s punchy production, is that you can’t take your eyes off him even as he pummels his life into a bruised mess. ★★★★